The Eileen Leahy Scholarship


A majority of the proceeds from every shirt sold will go directly to the Eileen Leahy Scholarship. This scholarship will help a female from the SPNFamily go to Gallaudet University, Shoshannah’s alma mater.

“I had no idea just how large and dedicated the Supernatural fan base was before doing the show. I’m so grateful that both Eileen and I were met with an incredible amount of love and support. As I’ve been generously introduced into the family, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a great many of you who have reached out to me. I’ve learned that many of you fall into the same spectrum as I do. Some of you already identify as deaf, while some of you are questioning your identity as a deaf person, and have asked me for advice on how to deal with various aspects of the deaf experience. My response has always been to learn sign language and to seek out other deaf people, because the deaf community, much like the Supernatural community, is a family. As someone who is a proud graduate of Gallaudet University, I know there is no better place on earth to do this than Gallaudet. Moreover, as a proud deaf female, I am reminded almost every day just how fortunate I was to be able to get a college education in the many ways it has enriched my life. It is my greatest hope that through the proceeds of the #SPNSignLanguage shirt, we can pay it forward and help give another deserving woman this valuable experience.”

– Shoshannah Stern

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