Sweet Nothing In My Ear Hallmark Joe Sargent
Adventures of Power Group Entertainment Ari Gold
The Last Shot Disney Jeff Nathanson
Justice Red Anarchist Pictures Evan Oppenheimer
The Auteur Theory Theoretical Films Evan Oppenheimer

Cold Case Guest Star CBS
Jericho Series Regular CBS
Weeds Series Recurring Showtime
Threat Matrix Series Recurring ABC
The Division Guest Star Lifetime
ER Guest Star NBC
Boston Public Guest Star FOX
Providence Guest Star NBC
Off Centre Guest Star WB

Open Window Susan Eric Simonson
Children of a Lesser God Sarah Joe Giamalva
The Vagina Monologues Ensemble Jane Norman
The Doctor in Spite of Himself Martine Tim McCarty
Romeo and Juliet Juliet Julianna Fjeld
Aladdin Dancer CJ Jones
The Cat and the Canary Annabelle CJ Jones
A Funny Thing Happened… Gymnasia CJ Jones
Anne of Green Gables Anne Charles Katz

Media Access Award Off Centre
Best Supporting Actress Gallaudet University
Most Versatile Actress Gallaudet University
Best Theatrical Use of ASL Gallaudet University
Best Actress California School for the Deaf

American Sign Language, ASL translation

One Response to “Resume”

  • Hi Shoshannah! I’m a filmmaker looking for some advice. I have an idea for a short film that involves ASL, but unfortunately, I’m unfamiliar with it, but I want to be apart of it for this film I’m developing. I have all sorts of questions and I think you can help me with it. I hope it’s appropriate it to ask you for your help. You’re really talented and you might understand what I’m trying to convey in this film. Thank you!

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