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  • Hi! Shosahannah.

    I want to say thank you for having me watch The Hammer movie on true story for deaf real..That good movie!!!

    That me, real Sarom Chea, i am deaf with American Sign Langauge, not lip read..I was sometime my voice “ok”!

    Sarom still single guy 1994-present 18-year history will turn 19-year on Jan 1st 2013 see what happen at 12am!! Maybe, Maybe not!!
    God Blessed!!
    My family are hearing each family all hearing and friends all hearing!
    Thank you! and!

    Are you really famous star of future become walk of fame hollywood..Your good family future can do it you smart girl better than me!

    Take of care!

  • hi shoshannah stern
    my name is samantha jane smith and i am 24 years old and i am english and i am also a american sign language and british sign language in english and you are amazing deaf actress and i have a few friends who are deaf and i use my hands to talk to deaf friends not my voice and i hope i will see you on tv soon
    from samantha jane smith from taunton somerset

  • Hi, Shosahannah

    me encantas como actriz suerte eres muy linda :)

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