Jericho has the most wonderful, amazing fans.

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This is me with Angela a month ago in Maine after a screening of The Hammer. Jericho has the most wonderful, amazing fans. I’m still feeling the love years later. Let’s give them what they deserve and help Netflix bring Jericho back to them!

When you tweet add the #jericho hashtag, so that we can reach the trending level.

Netflix Corporate Office | Headquarters
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Postcards will be posted on this site:

Phone Numbers for Netflix:
(408) 540-3700
1-866-579-7172 customer service

2 Responses to “Jericho has the most wonderful, amazing fans.”

  • Dear Shoshannah,
    I am watching Jericho episodes on Netflix, Googled, and ended up here. I read through your Wikipedia article to refresh my memory on all of the shows where I have enjoyed your acting. You are not just a great deaf actress. I just wanted to tell you that you are a great, wonderful and talented actress. Full stop.

  • Shoshannah,
    I started watching Jericho last night on netflix and I’m really enjoying it, especially when you’re in the episode. It bums me out that the show was canceled but I’m still planning on watching what netflix does have and I’m looking into what other tv shows and movies you are in. You do an awesome job.
    Hope to see you in future movies as well,

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